Recommended Articles for a Developer – 012

Testing and Metrics

Choosing Columns for Agile Team Boards
The Curious Case of Scrum Master’s Role
Writing Clean Tests – Naming Matters | Java Code Geeks
See, always told you: testing is just a waste of time
Myths about TDD
Get Started on Test-Driven Development!
Underlying Mechanisms of Team Based Scrum
Unit Testing Using NUnit
A quick overview of NUnit tests
allan’s blog – Agile, Lean, Patterns: Programmers without TDD will be unemployable by 2022 (a prediction)
Test Driven Development – CodeProject
Test Driven Development – CodeProject
Test Double | Our Thinking | The Failures of ‘Intro to TDD’
Six important uses of Partial/Mock testing
When Refactoring Is A Bad Idea
Dependency Injection (DI) vs. Inversion of Control (IOC)

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