A list of links about HTML, xhtml and HTML5


Dive Into HTML5 – Brilliant book/article about HTML5

Resources and Tools

New features in HTML5
Web Color Chart
Here's a List of More Than 30 Free Image Sites That Don't Look Stock-y
32 Photoshop Tutorials for Beautiful Logo Design Techniques | SpyreStudios



HTTP: The Protocol Every Web Developer Must Know – Part 2
Hidden HTML5 Tags Every Web Developer Should Know
Make Your UI More Responsive with HTML5 Web Workers
32 Free Icon Sets for Building Unique Web Interfaces
Unraveling HTML5 vs. Native
Top 10 HTML 5 Interview Questions
ToneMatrix – my first experiment with WebAudio API : javascript
How You Can Build an HTML5 Photobooth App | Stormin' The Castle
HTML5 Multiplayer Plane Game
HTML5 (The Challenger) Vs Adobe Flash( The Champion) -Ferocious Battle is On
Working with Sockets in C#
20 Interesting HTML5 Enhancements
40 important HTML 5 Interview questions with answers
40 important HTML 5 Interview questions with answers – CodeProject
DOCTYPE (Document Type) Explored – CodeProject
HTML5 (and Some CSS) Best Practice
Creating a File Uploader Using JavaScript and HTML 5
Responsive Web Design · An A List Apart Article
7 Tips to Speed Up Responsive Websites
scales using the Web Audio API
Notes for better SEO and better ranking – CodeProject
7 Principles of Rich Web Applications |


Which CSS Preprocessor Should You Choose? | Web Builder Zone
Responsive Techniques that Every Website Should Use | SpyreStudios
12 Skills you need to build a damn good web app. – CodeProject
12 Attributes of a good web application architecture – CodeProject
Learn HTML 5 in 3 days – Day 1 – CodeProject
Simple Ideas to Improve Web Design Mockups | SpyreStudios
Circular Menu using HTML 5 Canvas – CodeProject

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