SQL Server and BI

A list of links about SQL Server and Business Intelligence


SQL Server

SQL Server Storage Internals 101
T-SQL: Most Practical Split Function – CodeProject
Understanding Table Joins using SQL – CodeProject
Use SQL Server's Ranking Functions Wisely
String Data Types and Functions – SQL Server (2000, 2005, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012)
SQL Exists Syntax – CodeProject
Pros and Cons of Using Read-Uncommitted and NoLock
Back Up All Databases Using T-SQL – CodeProject
Stored Procedure with Sorting, Paging, and Filtering – CodeProject
The Ten Commandments of SQL Server Monitoring
The Many Uses of ROW_NUMBER
SQL Server Tips: A Developer’s Guide – CodeProject
Understanding SQL Server Query Optimization Statistics – SQL Server Performance
EXCEPT vs NOT IN in SQL Server – CodeProject
SQL Server JOINs with Examples – CodeProject
CASCADE in SQL Server with example – CodeProject
SQL Server + C#: SELECT, INSERT, DELETE and UPDATE queries and stored procedures – CodeProject
Questions about T-SQL Expressions You Were Too Shy to Ask
Stairway to T-SQL DML Level 12: Using the MERGE Statement – SQLServerCentral
Differences Between Various Joins in MS SQL Server – CodeProject
SQL Server – What Exactly is COALESCE Function? – CodeProject
SQL Server SEQUENCE Basics
SQL Server's FORMAT() function – CodeProject
Are You Using SQL PIVOT Yet? You Should! | Javalobby
Practical Uses for Synonyms in SQL Server – SQLServerCentral
Splitting Strings Based on Patterns – SQLServerCentral
Awesome SQL Trick: Constraints on Views | Java Code Geeks
Basic SQL Queries for Beginners – CodeProject
TRUNCATE or DELETE a Table? – CodeProject
Comparing SQL Server Datatypes, Size and Performance for Storing Numbers
Template to Handle Error in SQL Server – CodeProject
Handling NULL in T-SQL – CodeProject
Compare SQL Server Performance of In-Memory vs Disk Tables
Exploring Your SQL Server Databases with T-SQL
Stairway to SQL Server Security Level 4: Permissions – SQLServerCentral
How to Get SQL Column Values as Comma Separated String using XML Path Method – CodeProject
Memory Corruptions, or Why You Need DBCC CHECKDB – SQLServerCentral
Get Ready to Learn SQL Server: What is a Database NULL Value? – CodeProject
Get Ready to Learn SQL: 5. Query Results Using Pattern Matching – CodeProject
Database Design Follies: NULL vs. NOT NULL – SQLServerCentral
SQL subqueries – CodeProject
Create SQL Server Database Unit Tests – CodeProject
Overcoming the OPENQUERY Record Limit for AD – SQLServerCentral

Indexes and Tuning

SQL Server Query Tuning
SQL Server Covering Indexes
Using Covering Indexes to Improve Query Performance
Techniques For Improving SQL Query Performance – Indexing, Parameterization and Partitioning
Column Store Indexes in SQL Server 2012 – CodeProject
Sargable query in SQL server. – CodeProject
Drop and Re-Create All Foreign Key Constraints in SQL Server
Stairway to SQL Server Indexes: Level 1, Introduction to Indexes – SQLServerCentral
T-Sql Optimization Tips – CodeProject

Stored Procedures, Triggers, Functions

Differences between a Stored Procedure and a Trigger – CodeProject
Find all Stored Procedures having a given text in it – CodeProject
Extending SQL Server DDL Triggers for more functionality: Part 1
Stored procedures and multiple result sets in T-SQL – CodeProject
Different Types of SQL Server Triggers – CodeProject
Using SqlParameter Direction in C#.Net with with Stored Procedure – CodeProject
Stored Procedures Best Practices – CodeProject

Database Administration

Using DBCC UPDATEUSAGE to correct inaccuracies-
The Best Database Administrators Automate Everything – SQLServerCentral
SQL Server SQLCMD Basics

Business Intelligence

Learn Microsoft Business intelligence step by step – Day 1 – CodeProject
Learn Microsoft Business intelligence step by step – Day 2 – CodeProject
Data Mining Introduction Part 2 – SQLServerCentral
Starting as a SQL Server Business Intelligence Developer

SQL Server Integration Services

All About SSIS Variables Part 3 Variable Assignment – CodeProject
Use SSIS to send emails – SQLServerCentral

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