Testing + Metrics

A list of links about Testing and Metrics


What is Technical Debt? – CodeProject

Mocks and Stubs

Mocks Aren’t Stubs
Six important uses of Partial/Mock testing

Unit Testing and Automated Testing

Introduction to Unit Testing (Don’t Worry, Your Secret is Safe with Me) | DaedTech
Building Real Software: Automated Tests as Documentation
Unit Testing Interfaces in .NET – CodeProject
Writing Clean Tests – Naming Matters | Java Code Geeks
Beauty of Testing | Learning by Shipping
See, always told you: testing is just a waste of time
Unit Testing Using NUnit
A quick overview of NUnit tests
Continuous Integration using CruiseControl.Net – CodeProject
Introduction to Web Services Testing and soapUI – CodeProject
Test Cases and assertions in soapUI. – CodeProject
Simple Unit Testing using NUnit – CodeProject
Untangling Concepts: Unit Tests vs Acceptance Tests | Javalobby


Some quality metrics that helped my teams | Java Code Geeks

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