Recommended Articles for a Developer – 002

MVC4 Different Redirection Techniques (Razor)
Understanding Factory Method and Abstract Factory Patterns
Create an SQL Server Database Using C#
CSS Architectures #1: Principles of Code Cleanup and the New Best Practices – noupe
Script Junkie | Be a CSS Team Player: CSS Best Practices for Team-Based Development
Make Your UI More Responsive with HTML5 Web Workers
So you don’t want to be a programmer after all
N Tier Architecture and Tips
Use C# to read JSON
ASP Net Razor Helpers passing in another Helper Trick!
Responsive website design cheat sheet part 1: What widths should I design for?
Unraveling HTML5 vs. Native
CSS Specificity Issues: States, Variations, and Conflicts
HTTP: The Protocol Every Web Developer Must Know – Part 2
Windows Azure Storage Extensions

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