Recommended Articles for a Developer – 006

The Many Uses of ROW_NUMBER
SQL Server Tips: A Developer’s Guide – CodeProject
Understanding SQL Server Query Optimization Statistics – SQL Server Performance
EXCEPT vs NOT IN in SQL Server – CodeProject
SQL Server JOINs with Examples – CodeProject
CASCADE in SQL Server with example – CodeProject
Stored procedures and multiple result sets in T-SQL – CodeProject
Regex Quick Reference
The Power of Delegates in C# – CodeProject
Programming Vs. Software Development – CodeProject
Select Right Programming Model with ASP.NET – CodeProject
Introduction to Unit Testing (Don’t Worry, Your Secret is Safe with Me) | DaedTech
Building Real Software: Automated Tests as Documentation
Unit Testing Interfaces in .NET – CodeProject
The Agile Response to a P1 Incident | Agile Zone
The Observer Pattern – CodeProject
SOLID Principles: Single Responsibility Principle -> What, Why and How. – CodeProject
SOLID Principles: The Open Closed Principle -> What, Why and How. – CodeProject
WCF RESTful services and consuming them in an HTML page – CodeProject
An Absolute Beginner's Tutorial on Dependency Inversion Principle, Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection – CodeProject
Scan and Upload Documents in ASP.NET MVC App using Dynamic Web TWAIN – CodeProject
Learning MVC – Part 1: Introduction to MVC Architecture and Separation of Concerns – CodeProject
Why(s) & How(s) of Asp.Net MVC Part 2 – CodeProject

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